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Hacial So Pure Wellness


Everything you love about a facial, for your hair

Just like how you pamper your face at the spa to cleanse, exfoliate and rejuvenate, treat your hair to the same luxury with our new HACIAL service. Using Keune’s So Pure Wellness Ritual, our HACIAL delivers the same revitalizing results through a process that is tried, tested and featured in Women’s Day (Australia) magazine.

What is HACIAL?

A facial for your hair, HACIAL is a bespoke treatment crafted by our hair professionals to give your tresses exactly what it needs. Based on the condition of your hair – we’ll bring you through scalp exfoliation, hair masking and conditioning.

The hour long treatment is designed to combat common hair and scalp problems while adding shine and softness It’s the perfect opportunity to take a break from the fuss of everyday life. Sit back and relax with a rejuvenating head, shoulder and neck massage, combined with ambient music and aromatherapy as our dedicated beauty professionals take care of your tresses.

After the treatment, you will feel your entire being relaxed and your hair softer with added volume and shine.

Our Ingredients

The HACIAL treatment primarily uses natural, organic ingredients made from coconut oil, palm kernel oil and guar beans – these active plant ingredients are responsible for the delightful aroma. Argan oil is used to provide Vitamin A and E, known for its hair and scalp strengthening abilities.

Choose one of our three So Pure Wellness Rituals:

Express: Warm Oil Infusion

Complement your in-salon service with a relaxing hot-wrap, infused with ultra-nourishing warm oils packed with high concentrations of Vitamin A and Omega-6. Your hair will feel super-hydrated while the oils keep the scalp oils balanced. A Moroccan Argan Oil suitable to your hair type will be chosen.

Express: Creambath

Enjoy the nourishing and aromatic effects of the So Pure cream masks, wrapped in a relaxing hot towel. This intensive treatment penetrates deep into the hair to restore moisture and repairs damage – leaving you with stronger, healthier, shinier hair. For an extra boost, add a shot of Moroccan Argan Oil to nourish your hair even more.

Luxury: The Wellness Ritual

Completely immerse yourself in relaxation with the ultimate in-salon treatment for your hair and scalp. The Wellness Ritual combines the sensorial experience of a warm oil infusion and fuses its nutrients with the creambath. Your mind will be clear, your tresses healthy and full of life.

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